Project 667 BDRM Delta-4 "Delfin" Class SSBN K-18 "Karelia"

RC Model Submarine kit, build for Static or Radio control.  Scale 1/140.


Available in January 2020.


The Delta Series of Ballistic missile submarines started with the introduction of the Project 667B “Murena” Delta 1 Class in 1972. They progressed through Project 667BD Murena-M, (Delta II) Project 667BDR “Kalmar”, (Delta III) and finally the Project 667 BDRM “ Delfin” Delta IV. The Delta series were developed by the Rubin Design bureau, design of the Delta IV commenced in 1975. The Delta series of SSBN’s comprise the backbone of the Russian Navies Nuclear sea born deterrent until the advent of the new project 955 'Borei' class. There are currently seven Delta fours in service.


Karelia K-18 was laid down at the Northern machine building enterprise Sevmash, Severodvinsk in February 1987 and launched in 1988. She was commissioned into the Soviet Navy in 1989 and with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 was transferred to the new Russian Federation Navy where she still serves today.  She is powered by two VM-4 Pressurised water reactors rated at 180 megawatts. These reactors drive two GT3A-365 Turbo generators. She has an operational diving depth of 320m.


Project 667 BDRM Delta IV SSBN Kit  $220 AUD + P&P


About the kit. (Scale 1:140)


The main kit components are made of Polyester resin fiberglass. These parts include the top and bottom hull and also the two side and top pieces of the fin/ sail. The rest of the components are made of hard wearing Polyurethane resin cast parts. This kit will require a twin motored dive module. 

The kit comes with basic components including the following:


2 x top hull pieces.

2 x lower hull pieces.


1 x  One piece sail.

2 x  Bow sail mounted foreplanes.

4 x  Reactor Condenser scoops

4 x  Outlet doors

2 x  Horizontal stern planes

2 x Horizontal movable surfaces.

1 x Upper fixed rudder post

1 x Upper Movable rudder

1 x Lower fixed rudder post

1 x Lower movable rudder

2 x Screws opposite rotation

4 x mast heads

1 x Satnav mast door.

1 x Instruction manual in English


Kit does not include Cylinder, Electronics, shafts and other RC parts needed for operation.

Differing Colour of parts shown is simply due to a new supplier of the same polyurethane resin.


This is the only kit of the Project 667 Delta IV that I know of in 1/140 scale. The kit is 1260 mm long and had a diameter of 90mm.